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Grand opening for Brazil 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (ICEEB 2015)

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Update time : 2015-11-04 14:27:00

2015 Brazil International Consumer Electronics Show (ICEEB 2015), as expected opened in November 3. 

The only Consumer Electronics Show held by China (Brazil) Investment and Trade Centre and the Orient International Exhibition (Hong Kong) Limited in Brazil,

 have long gained widespread concern in the industry in Brazil. 

Sao Paulo city government lists the ICEEB as part of a series of “TECH WEEK” activities, 

and it’s the only technology products Expo in the Technology Week. 

Brazil Global TV, Cultura TV, Rede Record TV, CNT TV, Xinhua News Agency branch in Brazil and a number of media compete for coverage.

Kinstone, a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, 

manufacture and sales of digital products since 2003, 

under invitation of our valuable clients attended the show and meet many of our friends.

The picture shows Rede Record TV covering Kinstone Smart wearable devices products.

Our Booth in the ICEEB Brazil and Our General Manager Grace (The lady on the right)

Our deputy Manger(Standing by the third, sequence from left to right) and our clients.

“We come to meet our old friends and bring with us the most competitive tablet PC and smart wearable devices programme.

 And we have a big project plan to win big orders of gift products for the Olympics” Said our Deputy Manager Mr Zhu. 

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