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A Wonderful Trip To the 118th Canton Fair

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Update time : 2015-11-09 16:24:00

118th Canton Fair ended in November 4th. 

During the fair, a total of 177,000 overseas buyers attended and a total export turnover reached 171.249 billion yuan.

Shenzhen Kinstone D&T Develop Co., Ltd carrying their latest products to participate in this event. 

Newest 5.25 inch mobile phone rear glass shell with Touch ID, 

4G smart phones become the focus of attention of many buyers. 

Our Smart Phone covers all dimensions, configuration requirements, 

to meet the different needs of different consumer.

As regards to Tablet PC and notebooks, by using the latest Intel Cherry Trail processor, 

and our latest slim fashionable design,

 both perfomance and appearance improved to a higher level. 

According to the buyers’ preferance to largesize tablets PC and notebooks (11.6 inches to 14 inches) and relevent orders increased, 

we increased investment for larger size of tablets and notebooks. 

Our  360 degree rotation design of 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch notebooks are the killers of the market and attracted many buyers to stop to discuss order details.

Our Smart wearable Devices: intelligent Bluetooth watch, Bluetooth phone watch, children's GPS watches sales soared at home and abroad. 

Our intelligent Robots also attracted many buyers and consumers to come to negotiate and have a look.

The picture shows our booth design: smart wearable devices, mobile phones, notebooks and tablets PC.

OOur Deputy Manager Mr.Zhu(NO.2 From the left)and our client

When an Order is done, please leave your photo.

One on one? I guess not. One Saleman or saleswoman have to face two or more clients.

Business is easier done when Mr.Zhu comes.

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